What We Do

Mohsen has built a firm reputation over the years and, in the process, has emerged as the most trusted Oriental rug Company in Houston, Texas. We offer an exquisite and diverse selection of expertly crafted hand-woven rugs. Whether you are seeking beautiful decorative rugs for your home or heirloom rugs perfect for your collection, we can meet and surpass your needs.

Our passion is to assist our customers to find the highest quality Persian and Oriental rugs. If you are seeking rare and antique styles, we can offer a variety of exclusive rugs that are not easily found elsewhere.

A Full Range of Expert Services

We are proud to offer our customers an array of comprehensive services to maintain rugs so that they last for generations.

We provide:

  1. Washing
  2. Detailed repair work
  3. Major restorations
  4. Basic maintenance
  5. Assistance with consignment
  6. Persian and Oriental rug appraisal
  7. Rug trade

THE Mohsen Difference

All of our rugs, without exception, are carefully and thoughtfully selected. This means that when you buy from us, you know that you are getting a rug that we are proud to offer to our clients.

Our customers come first, and we seek to develop long lasting relationships in the community. You have our guarantee that your purchase will retain its value for years to come. If you ever decide that a rug doesn’t meet your needs, we will credit its value towards another rug of your choice.

We realize that high-quality rugs tend to be quite heavy and are often difficult to place in the right location. We can help you not just with the delivery of your rug, but also give you fast and friendly placement service as well. In addition, we are happy to provide padding for your rug. Unlike most rug dealers, we are able to provide this service for no additional charge. (Please note: some conditions and limitations apply.)

In addition to delivery and placement, we also suggest that you try out your new rug choice in your home for a few days before settling on your purchase. Our end goal is to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with every purchase they make. We realize that sometimes you simply need to see how a rug looks and feels in your home before making your final decision.


From Mohsen…

“I am driven by tradition and a deep passion for my job, I am committed to my heritage. I am also dedicated to providing the highest level of quality, selection and value for my customers, just like my father and grandfather before me. Call or simply stop by my shop you will be pleased with the experience.”

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Mohsen Rezaei