Rug Care, How To.

Rotate your rugs every year to balance the effects of traffic, pets and kids patterns as well as sunlight exposure. 

Padding your rug is necessary to reduce wear, reduce slippage and keep their “allure”. 

Vacuum your rug in the direction of the nap. You can figure out the direction by sliding your hand through tthe rug’s surface. 

Never vacuum the fringes; this will stress them and even break them, damage that will end extending to the core. Brush or Sweep the fringe areas to keep them clean and good looking. 

Avoid putting house plants or flower pots on your rugs. Whichever the measure you take for containing the humidity, the moisture will always find its way and endup creating permanent mildew damage. 

Stains should not be treated without the previously consulting with an experienced Oriental rug expert. 

Don’t clean your rug with steam cleaners or chemicals. These can accelerate the aging of your rugs by oxidizing the natural pigments and wearing off the fibers natural oils. 

Check/inspect your rugs 3 or 4 times every year. First signs of wear usually appear at the edges and ends. Also check the reverse side for moth damage, if any, it will appear as spots of missing knots, although the cotton foundation will remain apparently untouched. If any moth damage is observed consult imediatly with your rug expert for solutions. 

Have your rugs professionally cleaned every 2 to 3 years. Always better sooner than later as the treatment will always be lighter and this will extend your rugs life.

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